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Well-Woman Exam in Houston, TX

At North Cypress Women’s Center, your gynecological health is our top priority. We offer annual well-woman exams for teenagers and women in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas, including Cypress, Sugarland, and Katy. The examinations allow Dr. Farhina Imtiaz, our board-certified (gynecological) surgeon, to detect any problems that could lead to complications in the future.

What is a Well-Woman Exam?

A wellness examination by Dr. Imtiaz is an opportunity to determine your overall health, as well as the health of your reproductive system. Most women see the annual appointment as a time for the very uncomfortable pelvic exam and Pap smear, but Dr. Imtiaz integrates a much broader scope of services into the appointment.

Well-Woman Exam Benefits

In addition to receiving a physical examination, your well-woman exam is the perfect time to discuss any concerns with Dr. Imtiaz. You can talk about:

  • Changes to your libido
  • Activities that were once easy but now are more challenging
  • Your emotional health
  • Your desires to have or stop having children
  • Concerns you have about sexual activity, protection from STDs and contraception

What Health Services are Included Under a Well-Woman Exam?

A wellness exam is not the designed to address any problems or complications.  It mainly includes:

  • Updating medical information to include new medical conditions, medications, surgeries and supplements
  • Lifestyle changes, such as stress levels, smoking, drinking alcohol and beginning a new exercise program
  • Discussion about any screenings that are needed based on your age and stage in life
  • Updating Dr. Imtiaz on any changes to your home and professional life
  • Requesting refills of contraceptives
  • Pelvic exam and if necessary, Pap test
  • Breast examination
  • Taking vital signs

How is the Well-Woman Exam Performed?

Our medical assistant takes your vital signs before you go into the examination room. Before the physical examination, Dr. Imtiaz sits down with you to discuss your overall health and well-being. The pelvic exam and Pap test for your well-woman appointment is performed when you feel relaxed and at ease.

Well-Woman Exam Preparation

You may feel anxious about your annual wellness exam if there have been any changes in your life, such as a new partner, readiness for pregnancy, menopause, and other circumstances. We would recommend refraining from douching, intercourse and using vaginal creams for about 1-2 days prior to exam. We encourage you to see the appointment as a positive experience that gives you peace of mind and confidence about your overall health.

Well-Woman Exam Recovery

If Dr. Imtiaz finds signs of problems that affect your general or gynecological health, just know that the entire staff of North Cypress Women’s Center is here to support you. Many times, annual well-woman exams bring about good news, such as your readiness to start a family. No matter the circumstances, we are here for you when you need us.

How Much Does a Well-Woman Exam Services Cost in Houston?

Annual wellness exams are covered under medical insurance as preventive services. In most cases, there is no cost to the patient. Should you incur a cost as determined by your insurance carrier, you can make payment by cash, major credit card and CareCredit® financing.

Is Well-Woman Exam Services Right for Me?

A well-woman exam is recommended for teenage girls as they reach puberty. For women, the exams are recommended over the course of your lifetime.

Well-Woman Exam Consultation

Many women are not aware of how comprehensive a well-woman exam can be when offered by an experienced and insightful gynecologist such as Dr. Imtiaz. To learn more about wellness exams at North Cypress Women’s Center, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Annual wellness exams are important for protecting your physical and emotional well-being. At North Cypress Women’s Center, board-certified (gynecological) surgeon Dr. Farhina Imtiaz offers a well-woman exam to teenage girls and women in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas, including Cypress, Sugarland, and Katy.

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