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Did you have a great experience at North Cypress Women’s Center? Please tell us about it!

I wanted to try ThermiVa to help with bladder issues and increase vaginal tightness/appearance. It helped tremendously with all of my issues.


I had ThermiVa mainly for bladder control. I had the procedure on Friday and by Sunday my bladder control was much better. I realized I wasn’t leaking urine and the urges were under control. It has been almost a week and have had no accidents.


I started BioTE six weeks ago. After having hot flashes and night sweats for six months I was worn out! I read the brochure for BioTE at Dr. Imtiaz’s office and I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to get it! My hot flashes are nearly gone! I have maybe one a day instead of 10. Highly recommend this product!


I have experienced good and positive changes in my sex life and not only that but my self esteem since starting BioTE!


I would most definitely recommend ThermiVa. After delivering three children I suffered from some laxity and didn’t like my visual appearance. I immediately noticed greater bladder control, increased moisture, and the fact that multiple orgasms came more readily after treatment #1. Sensation is increased. Visually, I am pleased with what it has done for appearance. My husband noticed right away and was able to tell that there was a greater tightness. I’m a big fan!


I had a LAVH on January 10,2012. The surgery went great! I was up and walking around the hospital floor a few hours after surgery. I was able to go home the following day. I was definitely sore after the surgery but I felt good. It’s been 7 days now after the surgery and I am basically back to my old self. I would recommend anyone thinking about this procedure to go for it and have it done by Dr. Imtiaz!


My hysterectomy was amazingly easy! I was home just a few hours after surgery and had minimal pain. Recovery was very fast within the week I was off the pain meds and almost back to normal activity. It’s hard to believe I had a major organ removed just a week ago!


On April 5 I experienced some post menopausal bleeding and was recommended to Dr. Imtiaz. She ordered an ultrasound and did a biopsy. She ordered an ultrasound and did a biopsy. On April 19 after discussing the results we decided upon doing a hysterectomy. She told me exactly how the operation would be done and what to expect when the operation was over. Surgery was scheduled for April 24 at 10 am. My expectations for the day were simple – some anesthesia, surgery, and waking up in some pain. To my surprise when I woke up in recovery, there was very little pain. To my surprise when I woke up in recovery, there was a little pain. I arrived home at 4 that afternoon amazed at how well I felt. After a short nap, I had dinner and talked to my sisters on the phone. They were surprised at how well I sounded, The next week was spent taking it easy, with very little pain. I attended the symphony on Saturday and did grocery shopping on Sunday. When I returned to Dr. Imtiaz for a check- up the following week, I informed her of my surprise not only in the way I felt but also at the size of my incision. She told me she performed a Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy and that was the reason why. This surgery was the easiest I have ever had with the least amount of pain and only mild discomfort for a short amount of time. I truly believe that the following all pre and post operative instructions and the type of surgery Dr. Imtiaz did with such a small incision were the reasons for the minimal pain and short recovery. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who was in need of a hysterectomy.


Dr. Imtiaz is a very caring physician. After several years of avoiding my yearly gynecological exams


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