Tubal Ligation in Houston, TX

If you are interested in a permanent method of contraception, board-certified (gynecological) surgeon, Dr. Farhina Imtiaz may recommend tubal ligation. Also known as “getting your tubes tied” and tube tying, tubal ligation is an excellent option for women in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas, including Cypress, Sugarland, and Katy, who no longer want to have children.

What is Tubal Ligation?

Tubal ligation is a permanent solution for birth control. Also known as a “tube tying procedure” and tubectomy, tubal ligation involves blocking or cutting the fallopian tubes. After the procedure, the eggs are no longer able to travel to the uterus where fertilization occurs.

Tubal Ligation Benefits

Tubal ligation offers the following benefits:

  • Permanently prevents pregnancy by disrupting the movement of eggs from the fallopian tubes to the uterus
  • Can be performed at any time, such as after childbirth or in conjunction with other abdominal surgeries
  • More than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy
  • No need to take hormones or undergo procedures in the future
  • May be reversed through a more significant surgery

When is Tubal Ligation Recommended?

Dr. Imtiaz recommends tubal ligation for women who want a permanent form of birth control. Women often choose the procedure when they do not want to have any more children and do not want to use other forms of birth control.

How is Tubal Ligation Performed?

Tubal ligation can be achieved surgically via permanent sterilization during a laparoscopy or non-surgically via Essure® sterilization. The procedure can be performed after vaginal childbirth, C-section or at any other time in a woman’s life.

Permanent Sterilization

If the tubal ligation is performed separately from a C-section, the procedure is referred to as an “interval” tubal ligation. The abdomen is inflated with gas via a needle or small incision in the bellybutton. A small, flexible tube with a light and tiny camera is inserted into the abdomen. A second incision is used to insert instruments into the abdomen that allow Dr. Imtiaz to block or cut the tubes.

Should you have your tube tying procedure after a C-section, incisions are not needed. If the procedure is performed immediately after vaginal childbirth, the incisions for the tubectomy are placed just under the belly button.

Essure® Sterilization

The Essure® procedure takes about 10 minutes, and you go home within one hour of the procedure. Essure® is a small device that is inserted into each fallopian tube. The device works with your body to form a barrier against sperm. Dr. Imtiaz may recommend that you use another type of birth control until the barrier is completely formed which takes on average about 3 months.  You will need a test 3 months after surgery to determine if the fallopian tubes are completely closed.

Tubal Ligation Preparation

Although a tubectomy can be reversed, the surgery to do so is very extensive. Dr. Imtiaz takes the time to understand your birth control needs to ensure that tubal ligation is right for you. We recommend that you and your spouse or partner discuss the tube tying procedure at length before deciding on the surgery.

Tubal Ligation Recovery

Interval tubal ligation is an outpatient procedure, so you are able to go home the same day. You can bathe two days after the procedure. Avoid sexual activity and strenuous exercise for at least two weeks.

How Much Does Tubal Ligation Cost in Houston?

The tubectomy is covered under medical insurance. You will be responsible for out-of-pocket costs as determined by your insurance carrier. We accept payment by cash, major credit card and CareCredit® financing.

Is Tubal Ligation Right for Me?

The tube tying procedure and Essure® sterilization are excellent options for women who do not want children. The procedure offers a permanent method of birth control, so you may be able to stop using other forms of contraception. Tubal ligation does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Tubal Ligation Consultation

If you are considering a tube tying procedure, entrust your care to board-certified (gynecological) surgeon Dr. Farhina Imtiaz of North Cypress Women’s Center. Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment. We encourage you to bring your partner and spouse.

Tubal ligation is an option for women in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas, including Cypress, Sugarland, and Katy, who want a permanent method of birth control. At North Cypress Women’s Center, Dr. Farhina Imtiaz offers tubal ligation via surgery and Essure® sterilization.

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